The following comes from the Navy Department Via shipmate

Jim Osenton:


MANATEE (AO-58) was built as MC-724 for the maritime administration (MARAD) by Bethlehem - Sparrows Point Shipyard, Inc.,Sparrows Point, MD. She was aquired from MARAD and commissioned in the US Navy on 06 APR 1944.

MANATEE served continuously as a unit of the service forces receiving routine maintenance and overhauls during her active service. In FEB 1972, MANATEE was found not fit for further service by the Sub-Board of Inspection and Survey, Pacific. However, the President, Board of Inspection and Survey voided that finding in view of fleet requirements and recomendations that MANATEE be considered for survey when she is no longer required in the active fleet.

The President, Board of Inspection and Survey found MANATEE unfit for further service and had recommended the ship stricken from the Naval Vessel Register. The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) concurred and recommended MANATEE stricken on 14 AUG 1973 as provided for in Title 10, US Code 7304.

On 07 JUN 1973, Frank Sanders (Under Secretary of the Navy), concurred with CNO's recommendation and findings and struck MANATEE effective as of 14 AUG 1973. On 10 DEC 1973, MANATEE was sold, through MARAD, under invitation for Bid # PD-X-967, to Zidell Explorations, Inc., 3121 S.W. Moody Avenue, Portland, OR 97201

The following comes from shipmate Jim Osenton who visited Zidell Explorations in 1997:

"The MANATEE (AO-58) and the CACAPON (AO-52), were sold to Zidell for a combined price of $586,889.99.

The MANATEE arrived in Portland from Long Beach on 07 JAN 1974, being towed by Pacific Tugboat at a cost of $30,000.00.

Scrapping commenced on 05 FEB 1974 and was completed on 05 SEP 1974.

Zidell scrapped her for the steel plates, which were then used to build all kinds of barges. They also salvaged and sold all the valves. I couldn't find out about the other stuff, i.e. electronics, machinery, rigging, etc., but I imagine they went to special marine salvage companies.

The CACAPON was towed to Tacoma and scrapped there."

Thanks and "Well Done" to Jim for that report.

Backround is MANATEE's final return to Long Beach harbor 26 MAR 1973.